Sartoria Ciaboco

The Fiorella Ciaboco laboratory offers a complete service able to deal with all the phases involved in the realization of underwear for men and women, beachwear and lingerie from modeling to production.

  • Modeling
  • Size development (CAD)
  • Industrial cutting / cutting
  • Prototype packaging (Samples)
  • Preforming
  • Supply of accessories
  • Production

An activity that, backed by 30 years of experience, makes use of the skill of expert craftsmen who have always been involved in respecting the high quality Made in Italy.

Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco Atelier
via Carlo De Cristoforis, 5
20124 Milan
T: +39 02 29063258
E: [email protected]

Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco Lab
via Ancona, 116
60035 Jesi (AN)
Tel. +39 0731 605 634