Sartoria Ciaboco

Sartoria Fiorella : The Lab

The Fiorella tailoring shop in Jesi, active since 1986
is distinguished by the high quality of the tailored product and
for a creative and innovative entrepreneurial style.

Fiorella Ciaboco, who has made her passion her profession, from
years she fights for the defense of made in Italy creating even a
reference hashtag: #difendiamoilmadeinitaly, and for the defense of a
profession that is disappearing, she created his High School
tailoring with offices in Jesi (where the production laboratory is located) e
Milan, which is the relational and commercial part.

A fixed idea was that of the designer and master of
Fiorella Ciaboco fashion: creating a production cycle made up of
girls and boys who deeply love to get involved and
become "fashion artisans".

The Fiorella Ciaboco laboratory offers a complete service capable of addressing and solving all the phases involved in the creation of tailored and industrial suits, from modeling to production.

The laboratory deals with modeling, size development using CAD, industrial cutting / cutting, packaging prototypes (Samples), production and consulting.

An activity that, with over 30 years of experience, makes use of the skill of expert craftsmen who have always been involved in respecting the high quality Made in Italy.

“I like to describe my workshop as a ladies' atelier. Here, thanks to the support of skilled seamstresses and dressmakers, I design and make garments to dress women who want to express their style and unique personality with freedom and creativity. Patterns, fabrics, accessories: everything is at hand in order to pick and create exclusive, elegant, casual or extravagant garments together”.

Courses start at a basic or advanced level, depending on the student's needs and are held throughout the year

Laboratorio e Scuola di Alta Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco
Via Ancona, 116
60035 Jesi (MI)
[email protected]