Sartoria Ciaboco

Fiorella : Master Tailor

The passion that has guided Fiorella ever since she was very young is to create tailor dresses that can express the unique personality of every woman. After graduating in Pattern Making & Tailoring at Perugia and driven solely by her passion, curiosity and a strong enterprising spirit, Fiorella opened her first, small couture atelier in 1987, at only 21.

In 2002 the tailor's shop started a bridge with the Milanese market
which in 2010, to meet the growing demand
of a search for the handmade dress, opened
the headquarters in Corso Como, 9. This new atelier then moves into
into a largest office in Via Carlo de Cristoforis 5, really close from the square
Gae Aulenti.
The presence in Milan strengthens the numerous collaborations that Fiorel
active to carry out special projects in which their own product
artisan meets and confronts the best of her culture region
artisan meets and confronts the best of her culture region
the music.

The atelier is also a concept store, where other clothing and accessories brands are also exhibited, and is also the location of the Haute Couture School.

Artisan Care

An exclusive time is dedicated to each garment. From the design to the packaging, from the choice of fabrics to the hand-finished finishes, each model is approached and cared for in every detail in a passionate and tireless pursuit of perfection.


Models, fabrics, accessories, everything is in the atelier so that each customer can actively participate in the choice and creation of their own suit.
An exclusive time guided by the owner's technical knowledge and artisan experience.


Timeless beauty and practicality are the main coordinates that guide the style of tailoring. Classic shapes revisited by innovative features and technological fabrics that suggest new interpretations of timeless elegance.

Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco Atelier
Via Carlo De Cristoforis, 5
20124 Milan
On appointment
T: +39 02 29063258
E: [email protected]